Upcoming Vehicle Models

The new Honda Civic Tourer

The all new Honda Civic Tourer will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting on the 10th September 2013 and will arrive on our South African shores sometime during early or mid 2014.

From the vehicle's aesthetics it is clear that a large portion of the frontal fascia is similar in style and design to that of its younger Civic Sedan and Hatch siblings. It is however noticeable from the rear shoulder of the Tourer that there is a boastful of chunkiness leading through to the D-pillar and which lends itself to a three tier style rear end. The rear end light clusters are refreshing and the rear itself is sleek and modern.

The bold shoulder line running from the C-pillar to the D-pillar is said to give effect to a floating roof line.

Adrian Killham, the Tourer's project manager, has described the vehicle as having 'balance and appeal' compared to other wagons and has stated that the Tourer has a sports car type of silhouette.

The interior, as a result of the extra space offered by the Tourer, there is now plenty of room and space in the vehicle which will come in handy for long trips with the family, especially when lugging luggage around. Honda claims a 642 litre boot space which is a whopping amount and with the rear seats set down this is increased to 1668 litres.

Two petrol engines and one diesel engine have been confirmed for the European market, which engine lineup will include a more fuel efficient 1.6 i-DTEC compared to that which is found in the CR-V and a 1.8 i-VTEC engine. The 1.8 i-VTEC will be available in manual or automatic.

The Tourer will also feature an adaptive damper system which will allow the driver the option to choose between three driving modes, comfort, normal or dynamic. Honda states that this is their first time that they have incorporated a rear damper system on the vehicle which would assist in the vehicle's stability and comfort while pressing on.

The Tourer will be built alongside with the Civic hatch sibling as well as the CR-V and Jazz in Swindon, England.